Exploring the Rules and Regulations of Panama City Beach: A Guide for Tourists

Before visiting Panama City Beach in Florida, it's important to know all rules & regulations that apply there. Learn about alcohol consumption & other restrictions before planning your trip.

Exploring the Rules and Regulations of Panama City Beach: A Guide for Tourists

Panama City Beach, in Florida, is a stunning destination for tourists. With its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, this tropical paradise within the United States is an unforgettable place to visit. Every year, more than 17 million visitors come to this small town of 13,000 permanent residents to enjoy the sunshine and incredible scenery that Panama City Beach has to offer. Whether you're looking to swim in the warm waters or take part in some of the many water sports available, you're guaranteed a memorable vacation.

Before you head out to the beach, it's important to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply in Panama City Beach. Alcohol consumption is only allowed for those over 21 years old, and violence and fighting are strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to climb, jump, or throw things from balconies. Additionally, metal shovels are not allowed on the sandy beach, and digging holes more than two feet deep is prohibited.

Alcohol is banned in Panama City Beach for one month every year, and glass bottles are strictly prohibited on all beaches in the area. You can make things easier in this coastal paradise if you don't have more than you need. Leave your heavy bags in a luggage depot in Panama City Beach so you can really enjoy this Florida gem. Enjoy the freedom to explore while you wait for your Airbnb to be ready. There are no set rules regarding luggage in Panama City Beach.

You are allowed to bring tents, beach chairs, umbrellas and other items to make your stay at the beach more comfortable; however, any item left unattended on the beach after seven in the evening will be disposed of without leaving a trace. Bringing luggage to Panama City Beach is allowed, but it's not always a good idea. The fine sand on the beach makes wheeled suitcases a nightmare, and you don't want to take all your belongings with you while you go swimming. Instead, leave your bags in a luggage storage facility in Panama City Beach. You are allowed to bring food to Panama City Beach; however, grills or barbecues are not allowed. You might be able to make a bonfire on the beach with a permit from the city first.

If you are taking food to the beach, it's best to bring sandwiches and other things that don't need to be cooked. Of course, you can save yourself the hassle of packing a lunch and instead have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area. Cameras are allowed in Panama City Beach, but it's best not to bring expensive camera equipment as sand and water can wreak havoc on both cameras and lenses. A luggage storage service near Panama City Beach can help you store your valuable equipment while enjoying a day by the water. During the month of March, law enforcement officials will remind swimmers of the rules and regulations such as not consuming alcohol on beaches or inside vehicles. All alcoholic beverage sales end at 2 in the morning and there are no open house parties. It can often be difficult to determine which sections of the beach are actually public; as a general rule, the beach up to the high tide line is public under state law. As Panama City is a popular place for spring break, authorities are prepared with new ordinances designed to keep peace.

Avoid using flashlights near nests at night, do not leave beach chairs or other objects on the beach during the night (they block the passage of turtles) and keep your distance if you see turtles or eggs. Exploring the shores of Panama City Beach is one of the best ways to get your family out in the sun and enjoy your vacation together. Dogs are not allowed on any beaches of Bay County (Panama City Beach), with exception of pet-friendly area located on west side of Russell-Fields City pier located front of Pier Park at 16101 Front Street. You may remember that last year 161 people were arrested on a weekend in Panama City Beach; 11 of those people arrested came from WTVM viewing area.

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